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Privacy policy


Ikegai Corp (hereafter, "Company") obtains customers’ personal information to provide various legal services. As an office that holds employees with national licenses who deal with legal issues, Company endeavors to protect personal information and offer our customers further reliability and the sense of security. Company will abide by laws and regulations on personal information to achieve the proper handling of such information.

  1. Acquisition of personal information
    Company employs appropriate means to acquire personal information and does not undertake any illicit act such as forgery.
  2. Usage of personal information
    Company uses personal information within the range necessary to achieve the followings:
    When personal information is used out of the scope written below, Company will obtain the consent from the person in advance.
    • Request for estimate, consultation, and information
    • Shipment of ordered products
  3. Safe management of personal information
    Company takes necessary and appropriate measures for the safe management of personal information preventing the leakage, loss and damage of the information.
  4. Outsourcing of personal information handling
    When Company outsources a part of all of personal information handling to any third parties, we will conduct strict investigation on the third parties and execute necessary and proper supervision of the outsourced third party for the continuous safe management of personal information. Moreover, there are cases that Company outsources the handling of the personal information for consultation, privacy mark application and ISMS application.
  5. Provision of personal information to third parties
    Company does not provide personal information to any third parties without the consent from the owner of the information unless required by Personal Information Protection Act.
  6. Disclosure and correction of personal information
    When an owner of information requests Company to disclose his/her own personal information, we will promptly make a disclosure. In that case, unless the identification of the person is confirmed, the disclosure cannot be made.
    When there are errors in personal information and the owner of the information requests for the correction, addition or deletion, we will immediately respond to these requests after confirmation.
    In that case, unless the identification of the person is confirmed, such request cannot be fulfilled.
    Please contact the followings when you have any requests and/or inquiries concerning Company’s handling of personal information as above.
  7. Organization and system
    Company will assign 《name of manager》 as a person in charge of personal information management and conduct a proper management of personal information as well as the continuous improvement.
  8. Change of this policy
    The content of this policy may be changed. Amended policy becomes effective once uploaded on this website except the cases that Company set forth separately.


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