Gear BOX overhaul

Following is the introduction of the flow from the receipt of requests to the completion of overhaul.

1. Detection of defects due to abnormal sounds or temperature by receiving an inquiry from customer or discovering at a Ikegai's periodical checkup

2. Meeting for gear box overhaul and its estimate

× After disassembling, some parts may require replacement

3. After an order placement, meeting on scheduling and delivery date

4. Gear BOX replacement at a customer's site

5. Gear BOX overhauled at Ikegai Tsukuba plant

6. Inspection of overhaul items

7. Gear BOX assembly at a customer's site

Overhaul completed

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Dramatic changes before and after
Ikegai's PCM92 2-axis extruder gear BOX overhaul case

Before overhaul


After overhaul


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