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EX100S system

EX100S system

1.EX100S system

EX100S is a system that provides the temperature control, motor-related operation and monitor for screw and feeder with a touch panel.

2.EX100S basic components

1) Sequencer
2) Touch panel
3) Thermal control unit

3.EX100S basic functions

1) Set value memory
  1. Set number: 50 patterns (code)
  2. Contents: Temperature setting and alarm setting
2) Temperature control
  1. Control operation: PID operation
  2. Comparison range
    ':(Heating side) 0-400φC (Depending on the specification of each zone)
    '(Cooling side) 1-400φC (Depending on the specification of each zone)
  3. Integration time:1-3600 seconds
  4. Differentiation time:0-3600 seconds
  5. Abnormal temperature range:(deviation)0-±99φC
  6. Range of temperature rise completion:(deviation)0-±99φC
3) Speed control
  1. Output: Initial contact point output and power output proportionate to setting value
  2. Measurements: As displayed
4) Monitor (analog input)
  1. Display data such as rotation speed
  2. Possible to set up an alarm such as upper and lower limits
5) Monitor (contact input)
  1. Display alarm at the time of abnormality
6) Alarm display
  1. Display alarm at the alarming event
7) Security function
  1. For the alarm to inform machine damage, stop the corresponding machine area
8) Trend graph display
  1. Display data of selected zone as a time-line line graph
  2. Display up to 4 channels in one screen. Up to 8 combinations of setting are possible
9) Logging function
  1. Store date, time and setting value for each zone every minute with a touch panel
  2. Save CSV data with CF card for every set number of process
* CF card can save up to 100 files with 0 to 99 names. After saving 99th data, it will go back to 0 and overwrite the data

10) Calendar timer
  1. Set month, day, hour, minute to start temperature increase
  2. With heater start delay function
φSet each zone. All common code applies (Range: 0-99 minutes)
Delay heater activation timing after the time-up of calendar timer

11) Printer output
  1. Data (screen) is displayed at every fixed time
  2. Output hard copy of screen by operating a keyboard
* It is possible to choose output to CF card instead of using a printer.

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