Faceplate embedded NC horizontal bore milling board BNC100T/ U-axis function

Processing of valve with material that is difficult to grind

U-axis function
U-axis function
Work material

Followings are the introduction of large-scale valve processing (SCS13 equivalent). Generally, a large-scale valve will have flange face processing with lathe, inside diameter process and a drill tap process with a drill press and bore board to realize better sealing.

Issues for lathe processing

U-axis function
Inside diameter processing with faceplate

For grinding process, it takes time to process centering due to unbalanced chucking. At cutting, the rotational speed cannot be increased because of the status and it is hard to maintain the best cutting conditions. Therefore, it takes long processing time and there is a risk for work dropout due to the defect in chucking.

BNC series contributes to the improvement of the work efficiency.

U-axis function

BNC100T introduced here enables safe automatic process all at once. With faceplate attached to main axis, BNC series can process boring process as well as grinding process including side cutting, screw cutting and graving. Table divider enables successive 4-face processing and reduces process time.

Processing requirements

U-axis function

Outer diameter roughing
  • Rotational speed: 64min-1
  • Cutting rate: 45-65m/min
  • Feeding: 0.3mm/rev
Inside diameter roughing
  • Rotational speed: 100min-1
  • Cutting rate: 65-70m/min
  • Feeding: 0.25mm/rev
Screw cutting processing (W827/32-14)
  • Rotational speed: min-1
  • Cutting rate: 65-70m/min
  • Feeding: 0.25mm/rev
  • Cutting frequency: 17 times
  • Rotational speed: 70min-1
  • Cutting rate: 49m/min
  • Feeding: 0.07mm/rev
Processing time
  • 2 hours and 30 minutes

As mentioned above, the processing conditions are comparable to that of lathe. Moreover, a further efficiency improvement can be attempted by combining APC.


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