CNC vertical lathe

Single column type vertical CNC lathe that can process facing, boring and diameter turning

CNC vertical lathe
CNC vertical lathe
  • Ram type tool rest with less tool interference
  • Easy-to-use operation that allow you to keep eye on a blade
  • Employment of rigid box-shape structural column
  • Highly efficient table drive with high horsepower

Specifications comparison table

Table outer diameter φ1,250
From the upper surface of the table
to the lower side of the ram
850mm 1,050mm 1,300mm
Maximum diameter of processed subject φ1,350
Ram horizontal travel distance X 1,100mm
Ram vertical travel distance Y 700mm
Table maximum rotating power 5,488N-m 4,124N-m 3,332N-m
Main axis rotation speed 6-180min-1 7-222min-1 9-280min-1
Main motor AC37/30kW
Maximum loading mass 4,000,s
Floor space required 3,200×3,500mm
Machine net weight 12,000,s

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