U-axis processing

What is U-axis processing?

  1. U-axis processing is a processing method that enables the process which could be handled only with a lathe to be completed with a machining center.
  2. Due to the NC control of in the direction of diameter, accurate processing of curved surface, sphere and taper are possible.
  3. Processes can be consolidated since a machining centre can undertake lathe processing.
  4. With NC controlled honing tool in the direction of diameter with U-axis function, it realizes accurate honing processing.


Standard With balancer Standard Standard Standard With balancer
Stroke(mm) 12.5 12.5 5 15 30 50 50
Rotational speed tolerance(rpm) 2,000 2,500 5,000 800 700 500 1,500

With U-axis, the processing that can be done only with the lathe is now undertaken by a machining centre.

Various processing with a machining center

A machining center can handle various processes: step processing, arc processing, taper rolling, curved surface processing, grinding finishing processing, leakage prevention, grooving, inside and external runout process, large diameter screw processing, and rolling. In addition, a variety of special processing can be handled such as honing processing depending on ideas.

One tool is enough to handle step process, arc process and taper rolling.


Honing tool can handle high precision honing processing.


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Features of U-axis processing

1.Much less number of boring tools is needed.

・One U-axis tool are capable of doing jobs for several boring tools.


2.Easy preparation. Cutting process of deformed work

・Lathe process generally has to take balance of work. With U-axis processing, work can be fixed at M/C.


3.Taper process that is impossible with other machining center


  • Material S45C
  • Size φ60×30
  • Processing requirements
    Rotational speed 2,300rpm
    Feeding 0.06mm/rev
  • Processing accuracy
    Surface roughness 4S

4.Sphere process that is impossible with other machining center



U-axis processing lineup

U-axis processing can be done with these machines.

U-axis U-axis U-axis U-axis U-axis

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