Ikegai's turbine processing machine technolog
(Leading technology in the area of environment and energy)

RNC160x18000mm Large-scale turbine rotor lathe

  • This is a one of largest-class turbine rotors and finishing process lathe that composes of 2 pieces of stiff separate-type horizontal 2-way beds.
  • Work bed supports work with a headstock with the large diameter chuck, a static pressure swing stopper and a tailstock.
  • As for saddle bed, single stay tool rest is mounted on a carriage.
  • Original design structure
    Headstock bearings adopt φ800mm super-precision class double-row cylinder roller bearings. A main axis with a larger diameter along with this guarantees high rigidity and rotation accuracy.
    Screws with machine power enforcement function of 400kN of tightening power are embedded in a φ2500mm faceplate. It employs a four-nail single-movement method that strongly tightens a rotor.
  • Taistock has a strong structure with a vertical movement adjustment function.
  • The movement of carriage adopts an original double-rack pinion method, and the pinion is driven with the most appropriate pre-load function. Backlash is minimized and highly accurate positioning is insured with smooth feeding and scale feedback.
  • Follow rest for both static pressure and dynamic pressure adopts a stress-free structure with swivel mechanism that follows the distortion of the rotor. Maximum allowable gross weight is 130 tons per equipment.
  • On a carriage, a central control panel with LCD is attached to enable any operations.

Main parameters

Maximum carriage swing φ2800mm
Center distance 18000mm
Maximum allowable gross weight between centers
(between chuck and center)
Maximum load weight
(Multiple follow rest support)
Tool rest travel distance X 800mm
Carriage travel distance Z 18000mm
Main motor AC200kW
Main axis rotation speed 0.3 - 130min-1
Main axis maximum rotation power 170kNm
Maximum cutting power 100kN
Approximate floor space required 6000x28,250mm
Approximate weight 330,000kg

Large-scale turbine rotor processing lathe

The photo is a turbine rotor used for power generation.




External size of a large-scale turbine with blade attached easily exceeds 3 meters and 200 tons. This huge turbine rotor is rotated with steam and used in turbines for thermal power plants and nuclear plants. It is one of main parts for a large-capacity power generation facility.
Since it rotates with high speed, the finishing accuracy is micron (1/1000mm) unit-level. High processing technology that tolerates no failure is required.

Ikegai has been manufacturing special lathes for large-scale turbine rotors for many years accumulating abundant knowhow. Hereafter, we will keep contributing for the prevention of global warming with our highly efficient turbine rotor processing technology.


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