KN56 knurling machine


Knurling machine is a dedicated machine to compress and process the knurling of deformed steel bars which is a necessary process to produce reinforced concrete for construction and engineering works. This machine alone can handle caliber processing, horizontal knurling, diagonal knurling, node skipping and character engraving.



Main features of KN56

1.Since both a work spindle and a tool spindle are driven with a servo motor, high precision knurling into your desired configuration is possible.
2.Each node process, selection of circumferential node process and node skipping process are possible.
3.It makes re-knurling process easy.
4.There are options to use one tool spindle or two tool spindles.
5.Character engraving is possible with a milling tool attachment.


Main specifications of KN56

Center height Over bed 560mm
On floor 1090mm
Maximum distance between centers 2000mm
Bed Width × height 650×500mm
Total length 4300mm
Work spindle (C axis) Diameter of bearing φ180mm
Axis edge shape JIS A2 No.11
Axis edge taper hole MT No.6
Rotational speed range 0.1-20min-1
Tool spindle
(A and B axis)
Spindle unit Two sets (option)
Rotational speed range 10-400min-1
Tailstock Quill configuration Built-in spindle (option)
Quill diameter φ200×φ160mm
Axis edge taper hole MT No.6
Quill feeding Manual feeding handle
Stroke of each axis X axis 360mm
Z axis 1700mm
Tailstock saddle and correlating movement 1700mm

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