Crankshaft journal and lathe with pin

Ikegai's crank processing machine

This is a multifunctional machine that handles middle and finishing processing for crankshaft journals and pins for diesel engines of large-scale vessels. It composed of 2 pieces of separable stiff horizontal 2-way bed.

Work bed

  • Headstock with a large diameter chuck, multiple follow rests and centering device are facilitated. It supports a crankshaft.

Saddle bed

  • The first carriage facilitates an all-in-one design tool holder for journal processing. The second carriage is equipped with a pinturner for pin processing.

Original design structure

Main axis drive employs a two-step drive method with a high capacity motor. In addition, a brake generator motor realizes a steady rotation even when a work loses its balance.

  • The first carriage is equipped with an rigid all-in-one design tool holder that enables high precision finishing process.
  • The second carriage facilitates a pinturner that supports static pressure and enables high precision finishing process.
  • Follow rest has dumper mechanism installed in its center and absorbs swinging movement at journal.
  • Central control panel with LCD is attached to each carriage and any operations can be processed with the panel.

Processing subject range and main parameters

Maximum work diameter φ3200mm
Object journal diameter allowance φ500-φ800mm
Maximum work length 12000mm
Maximum work weight
(multiple follow rest support)
Maximum work weight
(support between chuck and center)
Swing over carriage φ3200mm
Center height over work bed 1950mm
Center height over saddle bed 2200mm
Main axis maximum rotation power 170φNm
Maximum cutting power 125φN
Counterbalance torque 85φNm
Total power supply capacity 390φVA
Approximate floor space required 13900φ30900mm
Machine height
(Turner unit is excluded).
Approximate weight 350000kg

Introduction of our works

Can you tell what the work in the photo is?


The view of giant crankshaft which exceeds 25 meters and 500 tons is overwhelming. The production of the crankshaft is extreme difficult and each company has its own original processing knowhow. The person who has the finishing technology of this product is indeed a real expert.

For a long time, Ikegai has been manufacturing this highly-technical processing machine and recently added a multifunction processing machine that can process crankshaft journal (bearing) and pin (connecting rod joint), to its production list. Ikegai will keep challenging to the cutting-edge technology. We appreciate your continuous support.




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