Management principles and code of conduct

Management principles

  1. Exhibiting originality, create reliable and attractive products.
    Maintaining the pioneer spirit inherited from the time of establishment, we will keep challenging new technologies to create products needed by society. We aim to become a reliable producer based on our established technical capabilities, process and assembling skills that have been passed over the generations.
  2. With global perspective, let us lead international society.
    We keep global perspective in markets with international competition and create products that are recognized in the world. We will keep pursuing products that employed cutting-edge technologies and develop top-level products that fulfill the needs of society.
  3. Demonstrating full sense of responsibility, endeavor to educate ourselves and foster teamwork.
    All of our employees are engaged in production with their full sense of responsibility. With positive workplace and teamwork, we will contribute for the happiness of employees and the comfort of society.

Code of conduct

Based on our principle, "Pioneer spirit, Ikegai Group sets its basic policy to be the assurance of provision of safe, reliable and high-quality products to customers. We have been developing our businesses along with the policy and striving to grow "Ikegai Brand" which is loved and trusted by customers.

With responsibility and pride for long-standing Ikegai group, Ikegai group's officers and employees promise to abide by laws and regulations as well as "Code of conduct" newly stipulated herein to obtain more trust and recognition from customers.

  1. All for our customers
    We will try to fulfill their satisfaction and improve our reliability by handling our customers with sincerity, considering in their shoes, fully understanding their requests and providing attractive products, technologies and services. When we receive their requests and complaints, we will consider from the viewpoints of our customers and try our best to solve the issues immediately and accurately. We will always establish systems for quality improvement and the prevention of a reoccurrence of similar issue.
  2. Product safety and reliable quality
    We endeavor to offer safe, reliable and high quality products, technologies and services. Hence we will give priority to the conformity to laws and regulations, specifications and industrial standards. Moreover, each person in charge of development, manufacturing, delivery and service will be fully responsible for safety assurance to improve quality.
  3. Thorough compliance to legal requirements and corporate ethics
    We recognize thorough compliance to legal requirements and corporate ethics is one of the most important duties as a member of society. Therefore, we will abide by legal requirements and corporate ethics to conduct our business maintaining integrity.
  4. Report regarding the breach of legal compliance
    When there is a doubt for breach of legal compliance in business as a group or an individual, the case should be reported to and consulted with his/her supervisor, the division in charge or an internal contact point. We will provide full protection over the privacy of the informer and do not provide any unfair treatment for the person.
  5. Fair and transparent trade
    For the business trading with our customers, we will practice fair trading and establish transparent relationship. Furthermore, we will not distort negotiation with customers or demand money or materials to them by taking advantage of the privileged status of ordering company. In addition, we will not seek any profits against fair profits of company utilizing the position as an officer or an employee.
  6. Conformity to internal rules
    We will fully understanding the essence of Ikegai management principles and abide by various internal rules and regulations including code of conduct, work rules and handle our business with sincerity.
  7. Preservation and protection of company assets and intellectual properties
    We don't use company assets such as premises, machines, equipment, stationery and software for private use. Moreover, we will protect patents, utility model rights, trademarks, design rights, copyrights and knowhow and do not infringe other's intellectual properties.
  8. Confidential information management
    We will properly and strictly manage confidential information including technical information of company acquired through business and the information received from our customers following our internal regulations. Moreover, even after our resignation, we will not leak and disclose confidential information gained during the designation without permission from company.
  9. Protection of personal information
    For the handling of personal information, we will endeavor to abide by Act concerning Protection of Personal Information and other personal information related laws and regulations as well as our internal rules. Furthermore, we provide education and training to our officers and employees.
  10. Security assurance for electric information management
    Against the leakage of electric information, we will pay full attention to the facilitation of network environment including firewall and the access control for confidential information, arrange security system and confirm that the full security measures are employed.
  11. Respect for human rights
    We recognize that human rights are the rights that adhere to all and each person should be respected their own dignity, and we aim to become a company of which officers and employees mutually respect human rights. In any aspects of corporate activities, we will respect the basic human rights insured under the constitutions and never commit any discriminative acts based on race, belief, gender, age, nationality and religion that may harm the dignity of individual as well as discrimination, infringement of human rights and unfair treatment, irrespective of reasons.
  12. Facilitation of comfortable workplace
    We will realize the working environment that is safe, comfortable and pleasant. We will enhance safety and health measures by improving working environment and procedure and conducting proper management of facilities and equipment. Moreover, we will support career development and ability improvement of our employees.
  13. Bar of sexual harassment
    To sustain favorable working environment for job execution that respects an employee as an individual, we will not tolerate sexual harassment and power harassment and stipulate necessary rules for the prevention.
  14. Assurance of health and safety
    To prevent labor accidents and assure the health of employees, we institute safety operation standard and protect our employees from accidents. In addition, we will prevent hazard at workplace, confirm the safety of facilities and operating procedure, and continuously work on the prevention of reoccurrence of accident.
  15. Facilitation of vibrant and positive workplace
    We endeavor to facilitate vibrant and positive workplace and develop the corporate culture with good communication that supports the creation of new ideas by promoting communication at workplace and respecting free options.
  16. Environment protection measures
    As a good corporate citizen, we recognize the importance of company's social responsibility and understand the significance of environmentally friendly behavior and environment protection measures. To realize sustainable recycle-oriented society, we will strive for the prevention of environment contamination. Moreover, we will aim to develop technologies and products that pay consideration to environment.
  17. Legal conformity to sustain peace and security
    To sustain international peace and security, we will conform to "Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act" and other related laws and regulations for the import and export of goods and technologies. In addition, we will strictly interpret internal rules and provide full training to officers and employees.
  18. Handling of antisocial groups
    We will take a stern attitude towards antisocial groups having an alliance with authorities such as police. We will not make any offering for any purposes and will not establish any relationship with them.
  19. Transparent management with integrity and proper accounting transactions
    We will follow corporate ethics, execute business with integrity and occasionally and properly disclose our business activities. For the corporate activities free from fraud, we will provide training and seminars concerning corporate ethics trying to enhance the practice. Moreover, we will adequately process accounting transactions including the handling of sales, procurement and expenses following accounting standards and related regulations as well as internal rules.
  20. Enhancement of internal audit
    We will enhance periodical internal audit capability concerning financial and business activities along with the progress of business to ensure the proper execution of business and endeavor to improve internal control and corporate governance.


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