Company overview

Company name Ikegai Corp
Headquarters 〒311-3501
Address: 920-52 Serisawa, Namegata, Ibaraki, Japan 311-3501
Tel : 0299-55-3111 Fax : 0299-55-3119
Founded in May 1889
Incorporated in July 1,1949
Capital 90 million yen
Settlement period December 31
Representative Zhang Chun Hua, CEO
Hisaki Ichiba, Representive Director and President
Akira Nakanishi, Representive Director
Number of employees 245 people (consolidated base)
Description of business Manufacturing, repair, sales, and installation of machine tools, etc.
Main product line Machine tool: CNC lathe, machining center, and CNC boring milling machine
Industrial machinery: Extruder, seat and film molding machine
Engine: Marine engine
Ikegai Diesel Corp
Ikegai (Shanghai) Machinery Company
Ikegai Metal Corp
Area of business operation Tsukuba factory (where the headquarters is located)
Lot area 113,903m2(34,516 tsubo)
Floor space of building 30,009m2 (9,094 tsubo)
Main plant, Large-scale product plant, Plastic center No.1 plant, No2 plant